Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Onset EP Is Powerfully Captivating, Beginning to End

To begin, I describe Macy McKinzie Tiradoegas to people, especially peers in the music industry, as anointed. That word covers it all. Her music holds true to this fact in every sense of the word. The last two weeks, prior to this writing, “The Onset” has not left the CD player of my red 2015 Mitsubishi Mirage nor have the lyrical melodies ceased to encourage my spirit during the day. I find myself singing these life-giving lyrics washing dishes, taking out trash, changing my daughters diapers and any other place I have a brain vacancy to fill.

As a songwriter myself, that's what you want! You want your music to inspire people; To be light to people; To be the soundtrack of hope for peoples everyday lives. Macy nails it with these songs from her heart because that's who she is. She's led by her heart as it follows close after God and His word. The EP opens with the momentous lyric, “Oh, the heart of the Father, He is faithful, He is kind, He is patient, He is good all of the time”. The Onset's six, truth soaked songs continue to immerse the listener into the quiet waters of peace finally closing with the soft, soul punching chorus, "You, only You, would pursue my heart despite my scars. No one else can love me like You do, only You."

Knowing Macy and her husband Maison, the founder of Press Bible, I could expect nothing less than such a giving group of songs. I was honored to have Macy accept an invitation to lend her vocals on one of my tracks, "I Will Wake" which released January of 2018 as it's own single. Her spirit on the track is evident and I believe her anointed gift helped lift the song to a whole other level. There's really so much to be said about both Macy and Maison, but the one thing I'll leave you with is that these two have blessed my life, among so many others in countless ways, through Press Bible, working together in worship at Hope Fellowship, giving of time and just being great people to be friends with.

If you haven't listened to "The Onset" do yourself a favor and get it HERE.

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For me, this is NOT a album review. Please don't mistake me on that. I'm excited about something awesome my friend did and I want to continue celebrating her success with her. You see, this is what the family of Christ does for one another; We lift each other up, and stand with one another through all times. This happens to be something amazing that I felt strongly to share about, so, I shared it. :)

Much love to you, the reader. May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing [through the experience of your faith] that by the power of the Holy Spirit you will abound in hope and overflow with confidence in His promises. -Romans 15:13

Have an incredible day, my friends.
-Christian Ross (Heríam)


Photo by Zack Santagate

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