Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Rhythm & Groove with Daphne Blues

Wow, what an incredible honor it was to be invited to perform on this gut-busting tune from instrumentalist, Daphne Blues. 

Released October 12, 2018, "Lo" defines, what can only be described as, Rhythm and Groove.

Atmospheric overtones dress this dynamic rock movement in luscious waves of sonic color.  Beauty meets gritty intensity while resting on a bed of expressive pocket drumming sure to have your feet tapping & head bobbing the moment the beat drops.

I have the good fortune of being featured at the 3:26 minute mark through the end being first introduced with a lead slide guitar before losing the slide to jam with a more rock-your-face-off approach.

During my guitar bellowing macro solo, Daphne Blues sprinkles little dancing melody leads on top that really brings the whole "cake" together. I mustn't fail to reveal that the entire song is built around Daphne Blues first born, pictured above, beat boxing into a microphone.

Truly, this was a fun one.

Listen here or anywhere you get your music, and make sure to follow Daphne Blues for future releases of equally epic proportions. 

-Christian Ross (HERÍAM)


Photo by Zack Santagate

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